To pro-bono or not to pro-bono?

All during the downward spiral in the economy that we are experiencing, businesses and non-profits are conducting business in many different ways. Most businesses and non-profits are seeing less funds as a result of the decreased number of services and products being purchased. Many non-profits are also experiencing a decrease in donations which has an affect on the non-profit sector and the businesses that serve them.

The way that businesses seek pro-bono services and products has come into play even more heavily. The video below is a prime example of exactly these things.

Noah Scalin of Another Limited Rebellion and Thinkhaus will be discussing these issues with the Richmond community at the next haustalk on Wednesday, September 30th at 7:00PM. Come out to learn and meet open minded citizens of Richmond and to discuss how together we can work toward a better local economy.

For more information please visit Thinkhaus' Event page.

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