May Day: International Workers' Day patchs/stickers

This on color patch design (with the addition of a 2012) will be available to screen print at aPre May Day Show to be hosted at The Wingnut on April 27th.

The images will also be reproduced in sticker format thanks to the generosity of RVA Stickers Thanks!

Richmond Monuments: The South Rises Again (Process)

I already posted this on my Richmond Monuments site, but thought I would post it here for those who aren't aware of my work with the comic.

I have been working on "Richmond Monuments: The South Rises Again." The story involves confederate soldiers coming back from the grave to be confronted by the General Lee statue. The statue feels that by defending Richmond from the zombies, it will help Richmonders think twice before defacing him. I have been mostly working on a lot of character sketches and style variations. Below is some of the process as a teaser for what is to come. The scale is a little weird because the monument is 14 feet tall from the bottom of the horse to the top of Lee's head. So Lee is probably about 10 feet tall, making him twice the height of the zombies.

PS Before you begin seeing some of these strips, I will need to get caught up on Richmond Monuments regular programing.

Below are some of the character sketches. I really love the third one down. Reminds me of something that Osamu Tezuka, author/artist of Tetsuwan ATOM (Astro Boy), would have drawn.

One of my first attempts using my "Little Black Fish" comic style. I realized part way in that you don't normally hold a Civil War saber with two hands.

Second attempt thinking more about the zombie placement, but not dynamic enough.

Good dynamic pose. Even though this was a heck of a lot of fun to draw, after coloring it, I am not so sure it is the most appropriate style for the subject matter.

Probably the style that I am going to go with. It seems like the perfect aesthetic and the b/w projects this great old horror movie vibe for me.

You can help me decide though. Check out the album including both final drafts on the Richmond Monuments Facebook page.

NEW WORK: Show posters

Here are a couple of show posters for upcoming events. One is a parody of the famous "The Endless Summer" film poster. The other remains true to The Trillions visual identity. Yes, they both use League Gothic in text blocks. I have really been digging that typeface for show posters and it seems to demand this approach to typesetting.