New Work: Lessons On Legato

Designed this modest system for a guitar tutor in New York, NY. Legato is an Italian music term that means "tied together." The notation under the music notes of the logo indicates "legato." We played a lot with "LOL", but decided that it wasn't appropriate for the demographic that he was interested in attracting.


New Work: The Pig Mammoths

Here are the first three images for a music project being put together by musician, Todd Matthews. Each illustration will correspond to a song. There will be 10 total. I will post them all when the project is done.

The music corresponds with a story about Todd's brother, Chad, falling asleep to awake in a reptilian world only to see Todd kidnapped by the "Pig Mammoths." The Pig Mammoths are evil creatures who hoard instruments. The rest of the story/album describes Chad's adventures in search of his brother through a new world with several interesting and horrifying creatures.

New Work: &@$#!: An Exhibition of Comic Artists

I am currently working on this comic exhibition to be shown at Gallery5 in Richmond, VA. The logotype was illustrated by my co-organizer, Jared Cullum. The photography was done by Johanna Cullum. The rest of the system was done by myself. The exhibition parallels a 24 Hour Comics Day that we are also organizing. More info can be found on the official exhibition site here.

Artists are still being added and we are interviewing at least one artist per week.

New Work: VCU Department of African American Studies

Dr. Shawn Utsey approached me to do a t-shirt design that is now going to also be used on a DVD and invite. The design is gift to participants who were generous enough to discuss some of their experiences during the integration of schools. The design will be printed white on black t-shirts.

New Work: Amanda's 30th Posters

Below are a series of posters that I created for my wife's 30th birthday. The theme was Karaoke so it seemed appropriate to include some of the music that she was likely to sing.