Sample Pages

Below are sample pages for my Kickstarter campaign reward: a hardcover 36 page full-color book! Check out the campaign here

The project involves a new web comic format, allowing for larger infinite canvas comics to be updated in blog-like posts.

Please repost! Thank you for all of your help.

New Backer Rewards

Due to popular request here are some more reward options! These are not included any any of the other reward options. They exist by themselves. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here. For $15 you get the PDF of OUTDOOR/INDOOR and a signed copy of my comic adaptation of The Little Black Fish, an Iranian folk tale written by Samad Behrangi. Learn more at www.mendedarrow.com For $20 You get the PDF of OUTDOOR/INDOOR and a screen printed poster pack. 4 limited edition screen-printed posters. The posters included are "Quadtastic Four," 2 May Day posters and Dinosaurs on bikes.

For $50 you get the OUTDOOR/INDOOR pdf and a tour van monster skate deck! Full color printed deck with an illustration of a tour van turned monstrosity! More can info be found at www.mendedarrow.com


Silver Medal for my strip "Finding Time"

I was recently notified that I won a Silver Medal for the bellow strip through the Society of Illustrator's new Comics and Cartooning Annual. They haven't posted the winners yet, but you can check out their site here.


Infinite Canvas comic project on Kickstarter.

This is launched. It could be an important step forward for infinite canvas comics. I would greatly appreciate both financial and promotional support. 

With your help we can provide a FREE blog posting format for infinite canvas comics AND get a nice book, cool prints and shirts for your support!

FULL-O-BEANS art exhibition of comic artists


Up for the month of April
At Stir Crazy Cafe
4015 MacArthur Ave

Richmond, VA 23227

Open M-F from 6:30AM - 5:00PM
AND Sun,Sat from 7:30AM - 5:00PM

Featuring Work By
Meg Gandy
Rawn Gandy
Bizhan Khodabandeh
Mark Luetke
Matthew Marinello
Kirk Patrick O’brien
Anne-marie Wonder


I'm a guest speaker for Get a Grasp Two

10 PM EST Tonight. You can ask me questions about world building, direct them to others OR to the group here.
Check out some visuals from my Little Black Fish world and from my current in the works Little Red Fish world.