haustalk-The Class of 2009 Top 40 Under 40 share their stories.

haustalk at Baja Bean Co.
Tell Remarkable Stories That Will Influence Others
Everyone, and every business, has a story to tell. It is the thing that connects us and the human spirit. It makes no difference who you are or how big your business may be. We all have challenges, difficult times, and uplifting moments that can influence others.

In this special “haustalk” event we will discuss why you want to influence others with your story, who you want to influence, how you tell your story, and determining the right time and place to make your impact felt.

We will have Casey Quinlan, the Mighty Mouth of Mighty Casey Media and social media butterfly, as our MC. Casey works with individuals and enterprises to help them tell their remarkable stories and communicate their values to others.

Members of the 2009 class of Style Weekly’s Richmond Top 40 Under 40 (including myself, Bizhan Khodabandeh) will be in attendance. They will be discussing how their personal stories lead them to receiving the award and how they are using it to bring about change in order to enhance the quality of life in Richmond.

Wednesday, February 3rd


Baja Bean Co.
1520 West Main Street Basement
Richmond, Va 23220
(804) 257-5445

Come early and get your seat, we are expecting a lot of people for the event.


Presenting The Gallery5 Design Interns!

My design interns do not get enough credit for their hard work under the pressure of short deadlines. So I decided to post some of their most recent work here.

Their backgrounds range culturally as well as age and experience. Some are currently in design school, some are high school seniors and some are recent graduates. Here is a snapshot of their most recent works. Enjoy.

designed by Shawn Gisriel

designed by Kevin Zweerink

designed by Michael Domina

designed by Nolan Clarke


Inspiration, art, cool stuff, etc #25

Aides new campaign using bathroom graffiti as a way to encourage people to use condoms.

Origins of the "Doomsday Clock" visuals by Martyl Langsdorf.

When Fear Turns Graphic New York Times Article on a poster campaign about banning the building of minarets.

First Person Tetris - enough said.

David Ellis and Roberto Carlos Lange Trash Sculptures
Sculpture 1/Sculpture 2

Aman Ki Asha: Destination Peace a campaign hoping to aid cultural relations betwen India and Pakistan

Review of Emily Pilloton's "Design Revolution: 100 Products That Empower People"


Free film showing of Beautiful Boxer

Beatufiul Boxer

Presented by Richmond BJJ Academy and The Lucent Phoenix

February 9th
at Gallery5
200 W Marshall St

Potluck begins 6PM
Muay Thai demonstration 7PM
Film showing begins 7:30PM

Richmond BJJ Academy
, will be performing the Muay Thai demonstration before the film.

Film info
"Based on the true story of Thailand's famed transgender kickboxer, Beautiful Boxer is a poignant action drama that punches straight into the heart and mind of a boy who fights like a man so he can become a woman.

Believing he's a girl trapped in a boy's body since childhood, Parinya Charoenphol (affectionately known as Nong Toom in Thailand) sets out to master the most masculine and lethal sport of Muay Thai (Thai boxing) to earn a living and to achieve his ultimate goal of total femininity. Touching, funny and packed with breathtaking Thai kickboxing sequences, Beautiful Boxer traces Nong Toom's childhood, teenage life as a traveling monk and grueling days in boxing camps. Shot in 9 provinces across Thailand and in Tokyo, the film also features a series of explosive matches where Nong Toom knocks out most of his opponents in Thailand and Japan."

"Beatiful Boxer The Film." 14 January 2010. http://www.beautifulboxer-themovie.com/.


Inspiration, art, cool stuff, etc #24

Visualization of the known universe from the American Museum of Natural History similar to that of the Powers of 10 by Charles and Ray Eames.

Critique of the UEFA Euro 2012 identity.

Fast Cheap and Fanstatic: A future strategy for Design?

Powerful Amnesty International campaign where the victims speak.

Nada Bike Revolution a community created through the shared experience of cycling using bikes made from recycled materials.