I've moved my blog and website. You can see the new work here: www.mendedarrow.com


New Work: More Gallery5 posters

Two more Gallery5 posters. Seems like a Gallery5 poster week this week. 

I try to make an effort to use aesthetics that are appropriate to the content. This is a bit more obvious for band posters since, often times, aesthetics are the only thing going for them. Instead of illustrating something using a definitive “style” I choose techniques and imagery that reflect the musicians. This is important. I feel like several of us forget that and make imagery for ourselves and not the client. It can be just as much fun experimenting and getting out of your comfort zone as it is to keep creating stuff using your personal style.


NEW WORK: Gallery5 Poster for Silver Apples

Poster for Silver Apples performing at Gallery5 next month.


NEW WORK: Refueling

Sci-fi comic recently published in the latest issue of DC's Magic Bullet.


NEW WORK: Homesick | Restless

To be printed on a Risograph by Barry O’Keefe with similar colors. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! The piece is for the Homesick | Restless print exchange/exhibition organized by Barry O’Keefe. All the artists are Richmonders making commentary about the city, living in the it or the duality of loving the city while wanting to leave. I revisited a drawing about the history of the area marked as an African burial ground in Shockoe Bottom. What draws me to this city is the populace’s resilience, culture, innovation and unashamed defiance. What often makes me want to leave are the proposals and failures of the city government.

NEW WORK: Hip Green Scene

Shirt colors still undecided, but this is an illustration for a Hip Green Scene shirt. I can’t take credit for the concept. The client came up with this brilliant idea! So great to work with smart folks. 


NEW WORK Park illustration

Illustration and detail for Max Brandon Park in Flint, MI. The illustration will be used for signage developed by Ben Gaydos’ Design Center class at the University of Michigan. To develop the visuals, I worked with Professor Gaydos, several naturalists and park administration. Max Brandon Park is a 107-acre urban forest and the second largest open green space in Flint.  


Finished this poster for Sweet Fix's dessert series.


New Work: Performing Statistics

Newspapers I designed for the Performing Statistics project aimed at changing the juvenile justice system. Above are some spreads and the cover. Included in the paper: art & writing by incarcerated youth, statistics, info about the project and ways to incorporate the project into the classroom.

“You’ll begin to see them popping up around Richmond and they’ll be delivered to every single legislator…even hand-delivered on Youth Lobby Day coming up Monday, Feb 15″


NEW WORK: Night Idea

Final design for the band, Night Idea. Originally was a cover design, but will now be used for marketing materials (shirts, posters, etc).