NEWS: Publications and events.

Recently received physical copies of an issue of B|ta'arof magazine that features a spread on my Little Black Fish Adaptation. B|ta'arof Magazine is a print magazine & website featuring visual arts, critical essays, curated archives, & oral histories of Iran/Iranians across generational & geographic borders. 

You can purchase a copy here

Also recently received the catalogue for a group exhibition of posters on the occupy movement that was up in Italy. My poster was featured in the exhibition and is seen in the catalogue (see below image.). The exhibition's title was "We are the 99%." It was up in Bolzano,Italy at AR/GE Kunst Gallery and Museum in March. 

The exhibit that I co-curated with Xu Li titled, US/China Typographic Poster Exchange 2013, has been taken down, but will be up in September at Virginia State University (more on that soon). RVANews did a great article on the exhibit found here. Some photos of the exhibit can be seen
here. More info about the Chinese counterparts can be found here.

I participated as an illustrator for a book celebrating the history of the Civil War with fictional writing titled,
"Remapping Richmond’s Hallowed Ground." They are having an event this Sunday August 11, 2013. The event includes live music and public readings. More info here.


New Work: CA Promo Book

This was a ongoing project as part of my position, Communications Director of the VCUarts Department of Communication Arts.  It is finally at print!

The project involved a few information systems and a lot of tracking down images from students and faculty. Many of the B/W photos of students are mine. Happy with the end result. Stop by at 812 W. Franklin St. Suite 201 if you are interested in our department.


Shot of insides

Shot of nfo system for degree requirements. 

Inside info system next to student work. 

Required class list and descriptions.


New Work: The Little Red Fish

I have been working a lot on some projects, I just haven't been the best at posting them. One of which is "The Little Red Fish." It is sort of a post "The Little Black Fish" story. The current working title is "The Little Red Fish." It is intended to be a political allegory similar to Animal Farm, but loosely based on the events leading up to the Iranian revolution and primarily following the leftist groups. Below is some of the test on the style and approach. The writing will be done by James Moffitt, a local author who's short stories remind me of magical realism.

Below (click to enlarge) is a test for style, environment and colors. Learning how to draw differently with this project has been very exciting. I feel like I am finally figuring out an approach to drawing and coloring that feels natural to me.

Below (click to enlarge) is a test for a cave that might be revisited multiple times in the story as well as a lighting test for the inside of a cave which might be an important element of the story.
Below (click to enlarge) is a weapons concept session. The point of departure is "what could fish make weapons out of." The scribbling next to the weapons is part of the process where I'm using chance to compose the weapons. The bottom right weapon is a club made with sticks, rope made from vegetation and a marble. The bottom left weapon is a failed attempt at using a drill bit. Heh.