CA Awards Ceremony

First time that I have had enough notice to design something outside of a basic typesetting job. Collaged simple public-domain ornaments combined with a punk-ish approach to the lettering for the Communication Arts Award Ceremony. This went well with Chair, Robert Meganck's choice to play the Dropkick Murphy's "Cadence to Arms." A shift from the department's habit of playing bagpipes before these ceremonies.

The awards back and front cover. 



Poster design. Since this was an after-thought assignment, I had to print out the original that was signifigantly smaller on an inkjet printer and scan it to be upscaled for the 11X17. Thankfully the aesthetic approach worked with the texture created by the high res scan of a print.


Diamond Diamond: A great tool to excersize your creativity.

Diamond Diamond is an application developed by a former student of mine, Brannon Dorsey. It is a great tool to exercise one's ability to creatively problem solve. The process is very much about chance - making it reminiscent of dada poetry combined with the Situationists' process of the reclamation of imagery or dérive. You can download it, learn more and find some images by other users here.

What is Diamond Diamond

"Diamond Diamond is a free artware tool created by Brannon Dorsey. It allows users to create poetic images using their own text and pictures. Look around a bit at some of the cool things people are making with it, and then download it and try it out for yourself."

Below are some images I created using text and images that I added to the program. (Click to enlarge)


Doings and Undoings: A solo exhibition of works by Elena Lourenco

April 5 – April 27, 2013
Doings and Undoings
A solo exhibition of works by Elena Lourenco

First Friday, April 5, 2013
6:00 – 11PM

At Gallery5
200 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23222

Opening ReceptionLourenco explores the relationship between such things as culture, nature, the body and spirit in sculptural installations that juxtapose imagery from domestic life and the natural world.  Lourenco creates objects and installations that communicate powerful narratives about both society and self.
Elena Lourenco received her B.F.A. from San Jose State University, CA and her M.F.A. in Sculpture from Arizona State University, AZ. She is an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at SUNY College at Buffalo, New York. www.elenalourenco.com