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These are the next few illustration for the Pig Mammoths. The rest can be found here.

he music corresponds with a story about Todd's brother, Chad, falling asleep to awake in a reptilian world only to see Todd kidnapped by the "Pig Mammoths." The Pig Mammoths are evil creatures who hoard instruments. The rest of the story/album describes Chad's adventures in search of his brother through a new world with several interesting and horrifying creatures.


A comic adaptation of the Little Black Fish in the store!

The 50 page full color perfect bound book is available here. Sample pages can be found here.

This is a comic adaptation of a story by Iranian teacher and activist, Samad Behrangi.

To give you a short description of the story ... It is about a fish who unforgivably questions authority and is determined to learn through her own experiences. In the book, the little black fish embarks on a right of passage journey to find whether or not her friends' stories about the sea are true. During her travels, she is confronted by various animals who try to persuade her from continuing and some who threaten her very life. The story provides an important example of one's determination in seeking the truth.

New Work: Xiu Xiu Poster

I designed this poster for a music event at Gallery5.

Dead Fame
Ghost Lotion

Doors open at 7PM
$8 Presale
$10 Doors

At Gallery5
200 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23220