Azadeh The Destroyer (attempt at a 24 Hour Comic)

Below are sample pages of a comic that started as a 24 Hour Comic - a challenge to finish writing and illustrating a 24 page comic in 24 hours. By page 3, the exhaustion of 2 prior all-nighters set in. After page 10, I took a nap and finished penciling 11-14 before time was up. The inks and grey tones were completed after the 24 hour time period. You can download the full comic here. Enjoy.


New skate deck design for Rorschach Records!

Check out my latest KickStarter Project, a skateboard deck design through Rorschach Records. You can find it here!


Uh Oh, Here Come The Pig Mammoths

One of the projects that I've been contracted to work on is now on Kickstarter. It truley is a great project. Please support it by clicking the link here.