RVA Mural Project Identity

RVA Mural Project identity system. My favorite is the paint roller. The client wanted other options to the system that will be used for stickers, shirts, and other print collateral. The graphics reflect the dominant demographic of artists involved in the project. I'm glad that they are getting locals like myself involved with the project which has been focused on international artists.


Life Leave Me Alone Interview

Episode 63: Listening to Op Ivy While Playing Mario Brothers

I was interviewed by the amazing Matt Fisher on his podcast, Life Leave Me Alone. Early on I respond to a question about my early interest in comics. Please pardon my 6th grade self for being attracted to superhero comics because of violence and boobs. Doesn't reflect my current world view. You can check it out here.

"We’re graced today with the presence of imitable Richmond comics illustrator and design guru Bizhan Khobadandeh who recently released an allegory of the Iranian Revolution entitled Little Red Fish. We talk punk (duh), global politics (sure), and comics (omg)."


New Work: Goofy game controller faces

Illustrated these quick retro cartoon looking “one line” portraits. The choice of which systems to use wasn’t based on what I liked the most. They were based on how fun it was to play with the controllers. I also made more “realistic” looking portraits, but it just robbed the life out of the concept. Playing with different color schemes. Let me know which one you like best!


TMNH at Screens n Suds

Purchase this print (and many other prints by amazing artists) from Screens ‘n’ Suds to benefit the Pink Ink Fund, The Virginia MS Society, & Gallery5.

The event celebrates printed art and beer with a huge selection for bottle brews and tables and tabling artists you can find on the event page  here.

December 6th 1-6PM
at The Answer Brewpub
6008 W Broad St, Richmond, Virginia 23230