Amanda shows no mercy

I originally used this photo of my wife wearing my Jiu-Jitsu Gi for an illustration reference. I was able to reuse it for a class demo on vector imaging. We tend to joke about her being a bully. (click for larger image)

Disarmingly Modern

Post card design for the below exhibition. The image reflects some of the sculpture's process in reinventing the Venus de Milo. (click for larger image)

Disarmingly Modern:
A solo exhibition of sculptures by Ned Fry

Public Opening Reception
First Friday, November 4th
6PM -10PM.

At Gallery5
200 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23222

Ned Fry is a Charlottesville, Virginia native and a recent sculpture graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is an aspiring artist who’s work is gaining popularity across the state.

“I make art to fulfill a visual and mental need.... It is my dream for others to see and experience what goes on inside my mind and to share with them my visions, love, dreams and desires in physical form. It is essential that I make art for myself and others.”

The process of creating an art piece, to me, is very random. There is no written step by step plan. I just live my life and ideas reveal themselves through my experiences and actions. This can be seen in my most current series of artworks based around the armless statue of Venus de Milo.”


Growing Community: A farm to fork dinner.

7PM, Oct 24th
200 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23220

$45 per person
$80 for two
+$15 VA wine or micro-brews optional

Dinner will feature four courses prepared by Todd Johnson, Executive Chef and Co-Owner
of Mezzanine with produce from 5 of the area’s best farms. Farms include: Shalom Farms, Rock Castle Farm,Victory Farms, Tuckahoe Plantation Livestock, & Manakintowne Specialty Growers.

Come celebrate the Richmond farming community and Shalom Farms work to increase access to healthy produce in under served communities in urban Richmond.

Pre sale tickets at gallery5arts.org
Vegetarian options available.

Monumentalize yourself!

Monumentalize your portrait at www.richmondmonuments.com via the Edgar Allan Poe Bust by donating to Richmond Monuments. Monumentalize donations are a fixed amount of $20.00.

You can also donate to the project, even if you don't want to be "monumentalized." Whether it's a few bucks or a million dollars, everything counts. Just click the appropriate button on the monumentalize page.

Monumentalize sample using Marvel comic artist, Reilly Brown.


Freebies Wallpaper

Below are a couple of detail images from my newly added "Freebies" section. I intend to continue adding to the section with various goodies and will keep you updated here.

Non of this work is available for commercial use. All of the copyrights are retained by myself, Bizhan Khodabandeh. Enjoy downloading them here.


Richmond Monuments

Click to enlarge images.

Richmond Monuments launched October 2nd with an incredible amount of success. The first few days received over 3000 visits thanks to all of your support of use of tumbler, twitter, facebook, blogs and more.

I haven't been too active on my blog lately because a lot of my time has been dedicated to designing this site, learning ComicPress and making comic strips.

The comics can be viewed at richmondmonuments.com. Enjoy.

CultureWorks Playing Cards

Click to enlarge.

This piece was designed to emulate playing cards. The cards will be used by juggler and magician Jonathan Austin to promote Richmond's CultureWorks. The concept behind the piece was to utilize Austin's card tricks as a point of departure to promote the arts non-profit.