I like this version better. A lot cleaner. Less clutter. We will see what my client says. I'll probably have this in my store soon.

Prints at the Arts & Culture XPO!

If you want one of these prints, than you should go screen-print one at Gallery5's booth during the Arts & Culture XPO at the Virginia Science Museum.  More info about the Arts & Culture XPO here.


NEW WORK: Poster Prints!

Poster illustrations! The first image is for Sink/Swim Press and available on Sink/Swim Press' webstore The point of departure was crabs reanimating the corpse of a deep sea diver to battle a squid.

Naughty or Nice is a Santa Illustration that is a homage to cartoonist Kerry Talbott. Kerry had a habit of illustrating bizarre versions of the holidays and send them out as greeting cards which inspired this print.

The Pelé print
is a commissioned piece to illustrate the famous football player, Pelé. It's definitely inspired by 70's poster art. I have permission to print copies on request. The print is 12X18. Just email requests to bizhan@mendedarrow.com. The print will be available on my website soon at mendedarrow.com


NEW WORK: The Little Red Fish logotype

Final-ish logotype and detail for "The Little Red Fish" comic that I'm working on with James Moffitt.  It is supposed to mimic Persian type, but unlike many typefaces that do the same, I worked hard at keeping it readable. The serifs and rounded interior of the letter "e"s eye were an after thought that helped readability as well has made the text more characteristic of Persian type. The diamond shapes referenced Persian type and decorative motifs. These inset diamond shapes also exist to create rhythm and aid the reading of individual character's strokes. Hope you enjoy. (click images to enlarge)

I used Designing Type by Karen Cheng for reference. It's the most comprehensive type design book that I have seen.

Graphic Medicine conference

Both of these pieces will be exhibited in an exhibit to coincide the Graphic Medicine conference held in Baltermore.

"Graphic Medicine ... explores the interaction between the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare. You'll find a growing collection of comic reviews, articles, podcasts, links, and coverage of our international Comics and Medicine Conferences. We encourage participation by academics, health carers, authors, artists, fans, and anyone involved with comics and medicine."


NEW WORK: Gallery5 signage

Some quick signage for Gallery5. One is for an outdoor sign and the other is an informational poster to sit on tables during special events.

NEW WORK: VCUarts Dept Comm. Arts

Some work I did for the VCUarts Department of Comm. Arts. The infographic documents the various connections between departments and faculty. It has yet to be edited so is inaccurate as of now. The faculty to student ratio is also out of date.

The last image is for our next forum. It uses the same aesthetic for our latest promo book which is still in the works.

 (click to enlarge)