How'd you do that? supplemental materials

This post is intended to compliment my lecture for the Google hangout How'd you do that? It includes a few links of good resources to compliment some of the suggestions that I made for artists to exercise their skills such as: doing a drawing a day, figure drawing, drawing from life, always carrying a sketchbook, etc.

Gesture Drawing
Figure & Gesture Drawing (free)
Online Life Drawing (paid)

Story Cubes for developing writing skills.

The below series of images is an exercise that I developed intended to help people begin to strengthen the recognition of visual similarities between dissimilar objects/concepts and to synthesizes the objects/concepts based on the their commonality. The ideal result of this would be to effortlessly perform the same task to create new insight or develop visual metaphors.

Other examples of the results from the same process.

What kind of thinking this approach leads to.


Annual Arts Panel William & Mary

I will be speaking as part of an arts panel 8pm March 20th at William and Mary in their Commonwealth Auditorium. 

The College of William & Mary has annual arts panels with several notable artists in various fields who are prompted with questions to provide insight and educate students. Some of the notable participants in this series have been the rapper, Kitty Pryde and author, Bob Woodward.

I was chosen for my campaign, "I Dream of a Richmond ...",  a nominee in the AIGA's International Cross Cultural design Competition, "XCD." This campaign has also been recently published in "The Design Activists Handbook," authored by Noah Scalin & Michell Taute. 

Voice By Design at Tidewater Community College

I will be lecturing on my design work and process April 30th 12:30-1:30pm Rooms 208, 209 at the Visual Arts Center of Portsmouth. (Can't take credit for the flyer. Thanks for working on that Visual Arts Center folks!)

Comic Hangout: "How Did You Do That?"

I will be one of several speakers for this inside look at the process of making webcomics. 

Join +Little Fish Studio as we take a closer look at the process that five different digital comic creators go through to create their web comics. This hangout will feature sections of time where we will look at some radically different approaches to digital comic creation.

Hosted by +Patrick Yurick co-creator of http://american.booom.us and +Little Fish Studio 

Guest Panelists include:

+Mark Luetke of http://2816monument.com/
+Crystal Rollins of http://aspect.waywardstudios.net/
+Scott King  of http://www.holiday-wars.com/
+Emily Gillis of http://www.waywardstudios.net
+Bizhan Khodabandeh of http://www.richmondmonuments.com/


VCUarts Dept of CA

I promised to post some of the work that I am doing for the VCU Communications Art Department as their Communications Director. I have also been doing several quick announcement posters for the department that I didn't post in this entry. You may click all of these to enlarge.


Logo system utilizing the negative space in the "A" as a future system for patterns and grids.

Front page of the soon to be launched website. That is being co-designed and coded by Mark Leutke of the Deans Office Communications Dept.

Posters for the front office. Below are photos of them on site.