Panel Discussion

I’m on a comic panel with several talented comic artists to discuss our work, the comic medium and the current/future state of the Richmond comic scene at Studio Two Three (3300 W Clay St)! See you at 7:30PM January 11th.


NEW WORK: Gift Cars

Designed the print component of these gift cards using: photography from Jessica Maida, mural by Mickael Broth, and cakes by Sweet Fix . You can them pick up at Sweet Fix (9 West 10th Street, Richmond, VA, 23224)


Designed this quick ad for The Wedding Crashers Tour. Info about the discount below.

“This is the last week for our ‪#‎merryandbright‬ special on crasher tickets! Head over to www.weddingcrasherstour.com and grab yours. And don't forget to enter the @diamondsdirect contest running through the 31st: LIKE & Follow us here and then TAG an engaged friend in the comments for your chance to win. No purchase necessary, winner announced Jan!“


Discounted copy of Issue #3

I made a minor coloring error for issue #3. If you would like, you can purchase a discounted copy of The Little Red Fish #3, click the button below.

1 page is missing the purple color
on a rock. 

1 page has a few panels missing some coloring on the Little Red Fish

$3.00 For Discounted Misprinted Copy


NEW WORK: RVA Krampusnacht

Check out this large format poster piece in person at the annual RVA Krampusnacht to coincide with Richmond’s annual Krampus walk in Carytown the following day, Dec 5th. The exhibition is up for the month of December. Opens 7PM, December 4th, at Gallery5 (200 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220). I’ll also have smaller versions  at 11″ X 17″ available at the event.  More info here.

Here is the tentative list of amazing artists in the group show: Brit Austin, Richard Becker, Audrey Benjaminsen, Charles Berger, Sishir Bommakanti, Mickael Broth, Nick Bryant, Erin Conley, Brad Douglas, Melissa Duffy, Jacob Eveland, Parker Galore, Autumn Haynes, Adam Juresko, Kyle Katterjohn, Bizhan Khodabandeh, Ish Keller, Lily Lamberta, Amelia Blair Langford, Abigail Larson, Al Lukehart, Onca O'Leary, Jeff Pageau, Dave Parrish, Scott Parsons, Bryan Patterson, Nicole Pisaniello. Sam Randolph, Oura Sananikone, Morgan Sawyer, Andrew Slater, Tim Sinclair, Emily Schy, Courtney Elizabeth Stowell, Jean-baptiste Stowell, Beth Stratton, Will Towles, Ross Trimmer, Cathyrn Virginia, Steven Warrick, and more TBA


New Work: Localore

Identity for one of 15 Localore: Finding America projects. The point of departure is conversations with locals leading to monuments of forgotten sites and people in the city of Richmond. To represent this, I used two human profiles creating a monument to a citizen. The lettering is custom. This project is titled, “UnMonumental” and is being executed by independent producer, Kelley Libby in Richmond, VA.

About Localore
“The program, run by AIR, partners independent producers with public media stations and provides them with funding through July to cover underserved communities.”

About UnMonumental
“Richmond’s African Burial Ground rests under I-95 and at the center of debate about where to place a new stadium. It’s the first stop for a public radio and art enterprise that introduces us to many of Richmond’s hidden or forgotten sites and the people who cross these spaces.”


Blue Grass Festival Poster

My Richmond Bluegrass Festival poster was selected to be in this years Society of Illustrators annual as well as the exhibition!


RVA Yart Sale

This coming Sunday, I’ll be at this event tabling my books, prints, boards, shirts and more! Get a peek at my stuff here in my store!

1-5pm Oct 18th, at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, 2408 Ownby Lane, Richmond, VA, 23220.


New Work

Designed and Illustrated with the talented David Pijor and myself. This is a great Halloween series of events coming up. More info here.


SINK/SWIM’s Comic Creator EXPO!!!!

OCT 17th 11AM-5PM at Gallery5 200 W Marshall St. More info here.

The tentative list of participants:

Chris Visions (Dead Letters, Constantine)Rick Spears (The Auteur, Carnage, Black Metal, Wolverine), Richie Pope (Spera, Time Magazine, New York Times), Jim Callahan (The Auteur, Strange Detective Tales, Rotting In Dirtville), Scott Wegner (Atomic Robo), Brian Clevenger (Atomic Robo), Matt Dembicki (XOC, DC Conspiracy), Frans Boukas (Bartkira, Goon),  Ian Sampson (Pep Talk, Up To the Top, Ignatz Award Nominee), Morgan Sawyer (Hyper Slum), Jared Cullum (Baba’s Accordion, You’re a good Bear, Bear),  Brian Funk (The Enforcer), Sishir Bommakanti, Al Lukehart, Autumn Haynes (Tea for Trolls), Cathryn Virginia, Abigail Larson, VCU Comics Anthology, Chris Kindred (The Nib) Shannon Wright (The Guardian),  Ameorry Lou, Oura Sananikone, Jacob Eveland, Amelia Blair Langford,  Dashiell Kirk (Consumption [RELEASE AT EVENT]), Ellie Gill, Ian Bodkin (The Savage Lyrics), William Bennett, Chase Beasley (Crud City), Jake Ziemba (Yukon Glory, Mt Olyphant), Christine Skelly (Mt Olyphant), Greg Steele (Harrington Comics), Adam Juresko (No Supervision), Adrian Todd (Mr. Toast Comics),  James Moffitt (The Little Red Fish [RELEASE AT EVENT], What To Do When You Give Up), Bizhan Khodabandeh (The Little Red Fish [RELEASE AT EVENT], The Little Black Fish, Kitty Meow Meow, SI Silver Medal Awardee),  Christian Leaf


Richmond Folk Festival Poster

Richmond Folk Festival poster design with and without the figure and type. The image on the left is the one being used of course, but I thought that I’d show it without the b-girl. Also working on the shirts for this year’s event.

If you haven’t see it, here is some press about the poster design for this years event.  http://www.richmond.com/entertainment/article_92152bb0-9ed6-513c-b19b-9c39e0923b8b.htmlhttp://wtvr.com/2015/09/09/richmond-folk-festival-poster/



NEW WORK: Richmond Young Writers

Just finished this guy for Richmond Young Writers. 29 young writers were paired up with 28 artists to illustrate their stories through art. An exhibition of all the participants will be up at ArtSpace kicking off on Sept 18th. I was paired with the above 14 year old author.

More info below:
“We’ve matched 29 Richmond Young Writers with 28 of Richmond’s most fantastic creative artists in a collaborative arts show at ARTSPACE gallery (0 East 4th St Richmond, VA 23224 USA) … for 30 days! Join us on Friday, September 18th for opening night in the main gallery room to see how the artists add 2 and 3 dimensional life to text.”

Fri, Sep 18, 2015 6:00pm
Up Till Sun, Oct 18, 2015 5:00pm


Finished up this logo for the Mathews Film Society. This non-profit regularly shows films in Mathews, VA. I chose to use a crab as a point of departure because the city is in the Chesapeake Bay region and known for their sea life. The society’s next film screening will be the 1962 adaptation of To Kill A Mocking Bird on August 20th. At the screening, attendees will have the opportunity to meet the actress, Mary Badham, who played Scout in the film.


UCI Championships

Did this illustration for the 2015 Road World Championships in collaboration with Proof Integrated Communications for Dominion Power. It was a lot of fun having the point of departure to combine some of the elements of my previous work with classic French cycling posters. More of my work can be found at: www.mendedarrow.com


NEW WORK: Boom Box self-promo

Unused illustration that I sketched out for a client, but just had to finished it. It was a lot of fun - as will be the final sketch that the client went with.



Can finally share this SPX ad going in DC’s Magic Bullet that I illustrated and designed!


NEW WORK: Sci-fi Metal Poster

New poster and detail. This guy was for Gallery5 in Richmond, VA. The band has history of using space images and the macabre so this was my solution for their poster. More of my work can by found at: www.mendedarrow.com


Bicycle Y'all

I'll be tabling at this event tomorrow! More info below.

Secretly Y'all is excited to bring you a day long festival celebrating storytelling, bikes, beer and our Richmond Community.
Admission: free if you donated to our kickstarter campaign!
-$10 buuuuuuuuut-->
first 175 people to purchase tickets get a free New Belgium Brewery bike light and a free beer token!
first 500 people to purchase tickets get a free beer token!
GET TO EVENTBRITE quick! (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bicycle-yall-tickets-17173606720)

Please come and listen, share your stories, meet The Storybike - the original mobile storyrecording bike that will capture our stories - and spend time with the people of our city.

Proceeds will be used towards a city wide campaign called "These are our roads" - a reminder to all of us that whatever mode of transportation we choose, on wheels, on our feet, self-propelled or motor moved, we all deserve space and respect as we move around our city.

Official craft brew partner: New Belgium Brewing.

Bands: SLEEPWALKERS Sturgeon City and Andy Cobb of The Itchy Hearts

Food Trucks: Opa Greek. The Dog Wagon.

Four Square Tournament with Mark Pryor

YArt Sale- local artists showing and selling their work!

Want to voluteer at the event and get in for free and be awesome? Click this link: http://goo.gl/forms/AjZHRs7qrV


New work: Worriers poster

This guy just got approved!


Afro-futurism film poster remakes

Posters for an invitational exhibition of revisited film posters for Afro-Futurism classics that is tentatively scheduled for October 2015. They are designed to be 27″ X 40″.  I tried my best to reflect the movies well in both content and aesthetic. 

For “Cosmic Slop”, I referenced the Parliament Funkadelic’s aesthetic while using imagery from the three short films included in the HBO spot. George Clinton’s floating head appears between films and the Parliament Funkadelic has a album titled “Cosmic Slop.” 

For “The Brother From Another Planet”, I chose to reference the main character’s constant use of the “thumbs up” to explain where he is from (outer space) to New Yorkers. It’s a very unusual way to point as well as a gesture fitting to the good-natured alien protagonist.

For “PUMZI”, I decided to use high contrasted minimal imagery to reference the contrast between the rugged radioactive landscape and clean minimal architecture inside. The word “pumzi” translates as “breath” in Swahili and the film is partially about finding fertile soil in a post-apocalyptic radioactive world so the use of plant life for lungs seemed to be a good fit. 


New Work: From Cradle to Prison

New poster design for an event about using the arts with folks in the Juvenile Justice System. The title references a term used to describe how the current system in place helps ensure a future in prison for youth in these centers. You should check out the week of workshops, lectures and art dealing with this topic and empowering youth.



Bluegrass Festival

This guy has been approved Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. Can’t wait to see it screen-printed by Triple Stamp Press.


4th Annual yART sale!

Sunday, May 10 at 12:00pm, I’ll be here selling my books, prints, shirts and boards next to James Moffitt, founder of Sink/Swim Press!

Treat the mom in your life to a creative Mother’s Day, Sunday May10th from 12-5pm. Food trucks will be on hand and live music begins at 3pm with Anousheh, Eric+Erica & Lucy Dacus at Hardywood


SweetFix Ad

Quick Sweet Fix ad for Richmond Bride Magazine. Photography by Jessica Maida Photography.

Doors Project

This paint by number style image is to be used for a city-wide art campaign to aid Virginia Supportive Housing and Art On Wheels. More info to be revealed in the future. This will be painted by kids. The idea was to make it simple enough for them to paint it within 2-3 hours. Can't wait to see what they do with it!

Jessica Maida Photography

Finished this logo for Jessica Maida Photography. The script is custom illustrated to look more hand made and rhythmic. The motifs used are based on her previous logo that included two arrows and a heart - in addition to the text. I consolidated all these elements into two components to simplify.

Madman Cards

My 3d card pinup for the Madman 3d trading card set looks way cooler with Christian LeBlanc’s work to make it functional for 3d glasses! Check out the Kickstarter and help them meet their stretch goals. More funding means more cards! Check it out here.


The Little Red Fish pre-order is now available.

The Little Red Fish Issue 2 is now available for pre-order here.

The book is written by James Moffitt and illustrated by Bizhan Khodabandeh

The first issue was recently accepted for the 2015 Society of Illustrators Comics & Cartooning Annual.

This will be one of several planned issues for a political allegory in the style of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The story is inspired by the Iranian revolution of 1979—starting with the coupe of Prime Minister Mossaddegh up to the rise of Khomeini. This first issue begins with Mossaddegh’s ousting by the Shah.


 COMIN’ATCHA 3d CARDS of Mike Allred’s Madman world!

The Kickstarter launch April 7, Mike Allred's Madman does more than get the trading card treatment: He goes full-on 3D in this card series! More info here.

Christian LeBlanc of the Madman In Your Face 3D Special Starring Frank Einstein is converting classic Madman images for trading cards written and designed by Christopher Irving.

Pictured below are sample images of Allred's work and my contribution. Some of the artists included are Simon Fraser, Dean Haspiel, George Folz, Terry Huddleson and Ethan Young. Other artist edition cards include Frank Frazetta, Alex Toth, Jack Kirby, and Darwyn Cooke.


Freelancing forum with Chris Visions, Leslie Herman and Richie Pope

Another quick poster for VCUarts Dept of Communication Arts. In this poster, each speaker is represented by a photograph from behind them while at their desk. They are then color coded and combined through a grid system. Chris Visions = pink/blue, Richie Pope = cyan/cyan and Leslie Herman is orange/cyan.


Geometric Aljamia: A cultureal trasliteration.

Quick poster for a VCUarts event.

Gallery5 10 year

Quick poster for the Gallery5 10yr Anniversary!
  April 3rd 6PM-12AMAt Gallery5 (200 W Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23220)

PERFORMANCES BY: THE PARTY LIBERATION FRONT, The Awesome Few, RVA Dance Collective, Dave Watkins, White Laces, Lobo Marino
An exhibit of: iconic Gallery5 imagery and an  instillation by Dave Watkins

Membership Opportunities! 
Food by Goatocado

Spondored by:
My Glasses Rule, Goatocado, Relay Foods and The Party Liberation Front


Smudge! Expo

Hello Washington DC area friends! James Moffitt and I will be at the second annual Smudge! Expo. I will also be on a panel titled “Race in Comics.” The event is taking place on Saturday, March 14, 2015, from noon to 6 p.m. at Artisphere in Arlington, Va. Smudge is a new comics arts expo meant to showcase independent comics and inspire attendees to become storytellers themselves. Smudge is a free event. More info here.


Magic Bullet 10 comic.

It's been over a month since it came out, so here is a full page image of a comic about Parinya Charoenphol that I did for the Magic Bullet. The comic isn't meant to be a direct translation of her life, it's just a quick bit of info about one aspect of it. If you want to learn more about her, I highly recommend looking up interviews as well as watching the film based on her life, Beautiful Boxer. The film has a guest appearance of Paryinya Charoenphol (Nong Toom) and is probably the only film that I'm aware of with fight choreography close to the actual sport.


Dan Deacon Poster

Did this Dan Deacon poster for Gallery5 featuring a hydra alien kitty meow meow.

Line-up: DAN DEACON, PRINCE RAMA, Ben O’Brien and Nu Depth

TUESDAY APRIL 7 2015 at Gallery5 (200 W Marshall St Richmond, VA 23222)

$14 Advance, Tix: http://bit.ly/16JBTO9
Sponsored by: My Glasses Rule, JUJU, Saison, and Domino


Little Red Fish pin-ups!

If you missed The Little Red Fish pin-up show.... here they are!

Artists in order....Cody Miles, Mark Luetke, Tim Skirven, Oura Sananikone, Melissa Duffy, Amelia Blair Langford, Autumn Haynes, Jacob Eveland, Adam Juresko, Al Lukehart!

More info about the comic series can be found here: www.littleredfishcomic.com
Purchase it here: sinkswimpress.com

The next issue is scheduled to come out in April!