Parody of the Virginia DMV Experience

From Save Richmond:
"Dale Brumfield, the mad mockumentarian behind the “News from Doswell” blog, has created a “DMV Fun Time Activity Book” for your next Division of Motor Vehicles “experience.” Enjoy it here and then wait your turn in line.

Dale, the former co-founder of Richmond’s trailblazing ThroTTle Magazine, is currently on a “Buck Naked Book Tour” that will hit the Metro Space Gallery this Friday during the Artwalk (and again on Sunday). These live appearances — which won’t include juggling and speaking in tongues but definitely will include Brumfield keeping his damn pants on — are in support of his excellent new autobiographical tome, 3 Buck Naked Commodes: And 18 More Tales From a Small Town."

Click this link to see the full DMV Activity Book.

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