New Work!

Posts have been scarce lately because I have been working on a lot of projects as well as course development for the three schools I teach at. However, I am optimistic due to the overwhelmingly positive response from my students last year. Many students stated that I should be out in the world creating work instead of educating; others say that I am the best teacher/professor they have had. Their comments encourage me to continue teaching and make me feel as though I am doing something important.

Anyways, here is some recent work.

The above project is for a musician whom is trying to entice people to take private lessons from him. The first image is intended to show what life is currently like and the second - when it is finished - will exhibit what life could be like. The final product will be in the form of a guerrilla marketing campaign similar to the tear off the phone number system seen in laundry mats, on telephone poles, etc.I will post the finished image shortly.

This poster was recently hand-screen-printed for an exhibition opening September 4th at The Lucent Phoenix Resource Center (located at Gallery5 200 W. Marshall St Richmond, VA 23220). I have been working with a great team of individuals developing ceramic bones, prizes, shirts, maps and stencils. The system will be posted in it's entirety by the end of this week.

Poster for Embedded Narrative, an art exhibition. The exhibition opens 7pm September 4th at Gallery5 (200 W. Marshall Street. Richmond, VA 23220).

Of course, I am still working on the little black fish. Recently, I have completed pencils for the cover. Otherwise, finding time to work on the comic has been difficult with all of the current work and course development. Please keep an eye out for updates on these projects!

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