Help me decide

Don't know whether to use hand done inks or illustrator for my outlines in a comic. So I did a portrait for the "about the author's" section. Left or Right?

Pros for illustrator: cleaner, editable (both lines and thickness), more potential for future animation.

Pros for hand inked: more expressive, visceral, much MUCH faster


Anonymous said...

hand done will save time on the front end but the editability of vector will save time later possibly. i like the hand style unmanipulated if ease is not an issue.

bizhan said...
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bizhan said...

I agree. There is something that says this was made by a human being with the hand inked version. That is very important for me.

Also, I am secretly dreading the prospect of having to use vectors to trace clouds and various liquids based on Persian manuscripts (the swirly kind!).

PeterBain said...

The one on the right is better to my eye, like in the details in the hair and the contours of the face.