New Work: G5 Posters and Little Black Fish Inks

Hand drawn type and illustrations for the "forgetters" show. I was messing with using both pencils and felt tip pens to do line work on the severed fingers. The end result was unexpected, but still appreciated.

Poster for the current exhibition at Gallery5. Not completely happy with it, but it works well for the time constraint.

First stage of inking The Little Black Fish cover. I will be adding lighter "inks" digitally to break up the forms even more. The created shapes will function as a map to use multiple shades of the same color similar to a mosaic or stained glass.

First sketches for an eventual illustration of Nong Toom, the famous Thai Boxer. It still needs a whole lot of work - even for an initial sketch. I intend to: change the flowers to orchids, marigolds, & carnations (referencing the Pong Malai), add hand wraps, add ornamentation/border (also referencing the Pong Malai), and of course change the composition itself.

I also plan on exaggerating the flower explosion and figuring out a way to have the figures overlap more without messing up the perspective. My hope is that these two changes will emphasize the impact more.

The finished illustration will be used for a film showing at Gallery5, but I would also like to do a screen-print of the final version (sans the film showing info).


Caustic Castle said...

I like the forgetters flier. clever concept, I'm not a fan usually of filled in letters, but i think it works for this flier. The Little Black Fish cover looks pretty awesome, I think this book is going to turn out really amazing. I like the over all style of it from what i've seen so far. The exhibit flier for this past first friday, I'm not a fan of. The texture behind the text doesn't coalesce with the rest of the flier, and the background color doesn't make the rest of the images or text pop out at you. It's hard to comment on the Nong Toom illustration, but based on your other illustrations, I can imagine how it might turn out. Which means it will be lush with meaning and over all substance. It'll look pretty too!

bizhan said...
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bizhan said...

Thank for the input. I was unsure about the filled in letters. It was an accident that seemed awkward without.

I also wasn't a fan of the applied texture to the lettering, but the time constraints forced me to make that compromise. I really wish that every poster I do for Gallery5 wasn't a rush job. Most of the time the posters don't suffer, but every now and again it would have been nice to have some sort of a comfort zone.

The original exhibition poster colors were different, but I didn't see a proof to correct them.

However, the folks at Gallery5 were happy with the result, which is more important than my "What if I did it this way?" issues.