haustalk-The Class of 2009 Top 40 Under 40 share their stories.

haustalk at Baja Bean Co.
Tell Remarkable Stories That Will Influence Others
Everyone, and every business, has a story to tell. It is the thing that connects us and the human spirit. It makes no difference who you are or how big your business may be. We all have challenges, difficult times, and uplifting moments that can influence others.

In this special “haustalk” event we will discuss why you want to influence others with your story, who you want to influence, how you tell your story, and determining the right time and place to make your impact felt.

We will have Casey Quinlan, the Mighty Mouth of Mighty Casey Media and social media butterfly, as our MC. Casey works with individuals and enterprises to help them tell their remarkable stories and communicate their values to others.

Members of the 2009 class of Style Weekly’s Richmond Top 40 Under 40 (including myself, Bizhan Khodabandeh) will be in attendance. They will be discussing how their personal stories lead them to receiving the award and how they are using it to bring about change in order to enhance the quality of life in Richmond.

Wednesday, February 3rd


Baja Bean Co.
1520 West Main Street Basement
Richmond, Va 23220
(804) 257-5445

Come early and get your seat, we are expecting a lot of people for the event.

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