Richmond's 2nd Annual May Day Parade

Richmond's humble contribution to the international marches, parades, speeches and rallies on May Day, International Workers Day.

This is our day! International Workers Day! Our day to recognize and appreciate the social and economic achievements of the international labor movement. The struggle began in 1884 when the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions passed a resolution that would enact an eight-hour workday beginning on May 1, 1886. On May 4th, 1886 during a general strike for the eight hour day in Chicago, police fired on strikers and killed a dozen people in what has become known as the Haymarket Massacre. In 1890, Labor activists, Leftists, Socialists and Anarchists began celebrating May 1 as the International Worker’s Holiday to achieve “…the legal establishment of the
8-hour day, the class demands of the proletariat, and universal peace.”

Below is video of the guest speakers.

Speakers at Richmond, Virginia May Day Parade - May 1, 2010 from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

Below are a select few images thanks to my amazing wife, Amanda Robinson. More images will soon be posted on MayDayRVA.org.

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