Project M Comes to VCU

A friend of mine, Marc Obrien, will be discussing his work with Project M at VCU 5PM November 3rd at 1509 Main Street Richmond, VA.

Added info taken from the Project M promo materials

What is Project M?

Founded by graphic designer, John Bielenberg, Project M is an intensive two
week long program designed to inspire young graphic designers, writers,
photographers, and other creative people that their work can have a positive
and significant impact on the world.

Thinking Wrong
The human brain tends to think along pre-determined linear thought pathways.
Such linear thinking can inhibit true innovation and creative exploration.
Project M encourages and provides techniques for “thinking wrong” to
generate new ideas and design directions to challenge the status-quo.

What is a 48 Hour Blitz?
A Blitz is an intensive two day workshop that consists of design thinking, rapid
prototyping, immersive research, designing, exploring, anything & everything
based on an undefined project that participants discover in the process.
Twelve spots are available. Open to juniors and seniors. First-come, first-served.
M'ers will be excused from their GDES classes during the Blitz. Interested?
Contact Marc O'Brien at info@projectmlab.com

11/3: Project M presentation, 5pm, 1509 Main St. Open to all students.
If spots are still open, you can sign up after the presentation. Meet & Greet
dinner with Project M/GDES participants after.

11/4: 48 Hour Blitz begins at 9am at 1509 Main St.

11/5: Project will be presented at 1509 Gallery's First Friday opening.
A detailed email will be sent to Project M/GDES participants.

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