Rebel Voice book tour poster

Here are two versions of a book tour poster for "Rebel Voices," an anthology of texts from the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The book's cover is an old image of a protest. I felt that this image was a bit uninspiring and mostly appealing to history enthusiasts. So I decided to use a historic image of the IWW screaming. the sabo cat (pictured above). The talk wanted to use interest in the Occupy Wall Street Movement to encourage attendance.

Taken from a poster on the sabo cat I designed:
The image of a black cat arching it’s back, sometimes referred to as ’sabocat’, was utilized by organized labor to represent the prospect of sabotage. Ralph Chaplin, a labor activist and anarcho-syndicalist, created the image while
working with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Chaplin intended for employees to place the image around their respective workplaces as a symbolic threat to unethical and unrepentant bosses.

Sabotage eventually was defined as any withdrawal of efficiency — including a work slowdown, strike, or creative bungling of job assignments. These tactics of sabotage were also referred to as “wildcat strikes” — strike actions taken without authorization by union officials. Non-violent in their execution, these tactics were a powerful tool for the radical labor movement and are still practiced today.

Still waiting on some information, but it is mostly complete. Click on images to enlarge.


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