Below are some almost finished pages and cover for a parallel narrative infinite canvas comic. This gives you an idea of how the pages relate and some of the narrative devices that I’m using in the comic. The visual style changes from black/white, to color, to isolated flat shapes and back to color again.

The comic is almost finished. (I just couldn’t wait to share.) I’ve been working on this comic in my spare time for the past couple years so I’m not super happy about some of the first few pages. I might be reworking some of them or just individual panels. 
More info belowOUTDOOR/INDOOR is a parallel narrative about the lives of two different cats. The story begins in black/white and moves towards full color when one of the cats leaves the safety of it’s home to explore the forest. The final comic is intended to be an infinite canvas narrative available online, for mobile devices and as an accordion fold book in print. The comic will soon be posted on Kickstarter to fund printing as well as the programming of a infinite canvas Wordpress theme - that will be made available for download free to the public. Sample pages are available on Khodabandeh’s website, MendedArrow.com. The hope is for this project to begin a funding campaign in the winter (2013).


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