New Work:Joint Chiefs of Math and 1994! Poster

Below is a snapshot of my process making an Illustrative poster. (Click images to enlarge)

 The first image exhibits my thumbnail process figuring out the gesture, composition etc. You can see some notation on the rule of thirds  and line of action. Typically I also have word lists and take notes on semiotics & metaphors. This project was less about communicating an idea and more about captivating the audience into reading the info. 

The second image is a pencil drawing where I develop just enough information for me to begining inking. This saves on time. 

Next the inking stage you might notice that there are a few details still missing. I often do black-blocks, textures and minor details digitally. The graffiti piece on the bottom right was recreated using a digital tablet. It was a heck of a lot of fun too. 

Finally the finished piece with type. I left a lot of negative space at the top of the poster to place the text. I don't often have an idea in mind for it's layout because the illustration typically changes so much during the process.

I plan on potentially turing this into a skate deck and art print without the text.


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