NEW WORK: Super Human Resources Pin-UP

Just finished this pin up for SUPER HUMAN RESOURCES!!!! It will probably show up in Volume #2.

Super Human Resources allows the reader to take a behind-the-scenes look at the world of super heros in the context of life at the office. Pictured above is the accounts payable temp, Tim, who learns about the world along side the reader. He is surrounded by various heroes from the comic.  Its a hilarious comic. I highly recommend it. 

Since the book is stylized, while referencing a genre that is often illustrated "realistically," I thought that flipping the context back around would be a fun exercise. 

Taken from CBR:
“I’ve always been fascinated with all the ‘behind the panels’ aspect of comics,” Ken Marcus told CBR. “Real world necessities must still be required in this fun, surreal world of superheroes. Someone has to sign the purchase orders, change the coffee filters, answer the phone calls, sign the FedEx orders; stuff like that. We also explore what it must be like for ordinary folks to work every day next to the world’s mightiest yet most dysfunctional beings.” (Read the full article here. )

If you'd like to read the first issue for free online, you can do it here.

And if you want to download SHR #1 to your iphone for free, you can do it here.

For more info about SHR you can go to there website: http://www.superhumanresourcescomic.com/
For more of my work you can go here: www.mendedarrow.com

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