First four pages of Little Red Fish

First four pages and a pin-up of “The Little Red Fish” illustrated by Bizhan Khodabandeh and written by James Moffitt. The blue lined grid exhibits how I am basing the compositions on the golden ratio throughout the comic. These first few pages establish the context of the fish society.
The Little Red Fish will be a political allegory in serial comic form and in the style of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The story is inspired by the Iranian revolution of 1979—starting with the coupe of Prime Minister Mossaddegh up to the rise of Khomeini. Khodabandeh & Moffitt both have a background in political activism and have been researching the revolution using historic texts. Khodabandeh has also interviewed leftists directly involved in the revolution. The comic will be made available through digital installments (winter 2013/ spring 2014) and eventually in print by Moffitt who will be publishing the book through his company, Sink/Swim Press. The book is intended to complement Khodabandeh’s adaptation of The Little Black Fish which is currently available at MendedArrow.com in both digital and printed formats.

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