Original drawings and Kickstarter!

Above are some images of originals from my blog formatted infinite canvas comic Kickstarter Project,  but I also wanted to talk to you about making sure this project gets funded.

I did the math. I only have a week and a half left. The most popular levels of contribution are $5 and $25. I need 152 more people to donate $25 to reach my goal. That isn't unreasonable, but I've probably maxed out my contacts. At $5 pledges, I need 760 people. I don't know 760 people and am not famous enough to have a following that large.

So I really really really would love if all of you could help extend my reach to your friends and fans. I literally can't do it without your help. It doesn't matter if your reach isn't huge. It all helps.

Thanks again for your continuous support. I'm very grateful for all of the kind supportive messages many of you have been sending me.

You can direct people here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/665245218/outdoor-indoor-a-new-system-for-infinite-canvas-co

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