Afro-futurism film poster remakes

Posters for an invitational exhibition of revisited film posters for Afro-Futurism classics that is tentatively scheduled for October 2015. They are designed to be 27″ X 40″.  I tried my best to reflect the movies well in both content and aesthetic. 

For “Cosmic Slop”, I referenced the Parliament Funkadelic’s aesthetic while using imagery from the three short films included in the HBO spot. George Clinton’s floating head appears between films and the Parliament Funkadelic has a album titled “Cosmic Slop.” 

For “The Brother From Another Planet”, I chose to reference the main character’s constant use of the “thumbs up” to explain where he is from (outer space) to New Yorkers. It’s a very unusual way to point as well as a gesture fitting to the good-natured alien protagonist.

For “PUMZI”, I decided to use high contrasted minimal imagery to reference the contrast between the rugged radioactive landscape and clean minimal architecture inside. The word “pumzi” translates as “breath” in Swahili and the film is partially about finding fertile soil in a post-apocalyptic radioactive world so the use of plant life for lungs seemed to be a good fit. 

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