SINK/SWIM’s Comic Creator EXPO!!!!

OCT 17th 11AM-5PM at Gallery5 200 W Marshall St. More info here.

The tentative list of participants:

Chris Visions (Dead Letters, Constantine)Rick Spears (The Auteur, Carnage, Black Metal, Wolverine), Richie Pope (Spera, Time Magazine, New York Times), Jim Callahan (The Auteur, Strange Detective Tales, Rotting In Dirtville), Scott Wegner (Atomic Robo), Brian Clevenger (Atomic Robo), Matt Dembicki (XOC, DC Conspiracy), Frans Boukas (Bartkira, Goon),  Ian Sampson (Pep Talk, Up To the Top, Ignatz Award Nominee), Morgan Sawyer (Hyper Slum), Jared Cullum (Baba’s Accordion, You’re a good Bear, Bear),  Brian Funk (The Enforcer), Sishir Bommakanti, Al Lukehart, Autumn Haynes (Tea for Trolls), Cathryn Virginia, Abigail Larson, VCU Comics Anthology, Chris Kindred (The Nib) Shannon Wright (The Guardian),  Ameorry Lou, Oura Sananikone, Jacob Eveland, Amelia Blair Langford,  Dashiell Kirk (Consumption [RELEASE AT EVENT]), Ellie Gill, Ian Bodkin (The Savage Lyrics), William Bennett, Chase Beasley (Crud City), Jake Ziemba (Yukon Glory, Mt Olyphant), Christine Skelly (Mt Olyphant), Greg Steele (Harrington Comics), Adam Juresko (No Supervision), Adrian Todd (Mr. Toast Comics),  James Moffitt (The Little Red Fish [RELEASE AT EVENT], What To Do When You Give Up), Bizhan Khodabandeh (The Little Red Fish [RELEASE AT EVENT], The Little Black Fish, Kitty Meow Meow, SI Silver Medal Awardee),  Christian Leaf

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