Project M Report back from Marc Obrien

Marc O'Brien, a friend of mine, recently emailed a report back from his participation in Project M. With his permission, the email is below.


I recently participated in Project M South 2009 in Greensboro, Alabama which was a month long summer intensive program run by John Bielenberg. This session of Project M brought ten young and creative individuals together to collaborate and learn how to “think wrong” about design and how it can foster positive change in the world.

As a team, we produced (blank)LAB.org and AshHoles.org. Out of the two projects, I was more involved with (blank)LAB.org and will hopefully see to it that it actually gets "on the road" in late Winter of 2010.

It was a long, hot, and inspirational month. I met many people from all over the country along with a ton of locals from Greensboro. Everyday, I witnessed new and amazing things in my surroundings. I also received personal insight from the many well-known & phenomenal designers who took time out of their schedule to come down and work with us.

Coming back to Virginia just a few days ago, I am doing a mental "detox" of everything that happened in Project M. The amount of things I learned from being there is definitely something that will take time to process and reflect. Currently, I am putting together a section on my site that will highlight the whole month of June with images, videos, etc.

Next? I will hope to take what I learned from Project M and implement it to my daily living and design practices. I plan on staying involved with Project M and its future endeavors. Once you participate in M, you're a M'er for life.

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Thanks for your support and guidance. Whether you realize this or not, I owe all of this to all of you.

marc o'brien
visual communicator

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