210 posters that actually say something!

I was published in this book last year, but wasn't aware of it until one of my ARGS students, Kevin Zweerink, pointed it out. All the posters take up a full page in the catalogue. Each artist statement is included with a picture of the designer. My copy came with a sticker stating "210 posters that actually say something." The statement made me smile and I hope the book makes you smile too. All of the work is incredibly impressive.

Info taken from the Good50X70 site

Good50×70 2009 Book is out, and it is GOOD indeed!

The 2009 catalogue is now available for purchase at major online bookstores and, of course on bispublishers.nl

The catalogue collects the 210 best responses to seven briefs on seven critical global issues and it includes the comments of the jury members.

Offset printed by Bis Publisher.
288 colour pages on FSC paper, 24,5 x 17,5 cm paperback.

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