Gallery5 and Rorschach Records present: Self-Titled

Poster design by: Bizhan Khodabandeh

Gallery5 and Rorschach Records present: Self-Titled

Gallery5 and Rorschach Records Presents the Public Opening Reception of:


Exhibition on display from September 3 - October 15th

“SELF TITLED” includes original artwork that has been featured on the covers of independently produced LP, CD, and 7” albums. The exhibition assembles a progressive group of artists, many of which are musicians in the bands represented. At first glance, this work may serve only as an informal greeting, or a mere introduction to unindulged content. However, these covers also reflect a powerful social narrative in which recorded sound and visual component become mutual surrogates, transcending advertisement and promotional obligation. As MP3 platforms become ever more prominent, this work reinforces the importance of physical ownership, embodying the autonomous mission of small labels and independent musicians. Whether you are browsing Raymond Pettibond’s work for SST, or looking over the more contemporary visuals of John Baizley (Baroness, Torche), these images elevate our understanding of music and determine how we visualize the masterworks of each generation.

Featuring original cover art from:

Homemade Knives
City of Caterpillar
Stop It
The Catalyst
Twelve Hour Turn
Ghastly City Sleep
Screaming Females
Pink Razors

Featuring Art by:
Sean Mahan
Laura Pleasants
Ryan McLennan
Brandon Evans
Erin Tobey
Jim Callahan
Elizabeth Childress
Marissa Paternoster
Adam Juresko

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