New Work: Weapons of Mass Change

I was asked by Shane Pomajambo, Executive Director/Editer and Cheif of the gallery Art Whino, to develop this logo for a project called Weapons of Mass Change. Weapons of Mass Change is "a traveling group show to benefit humanitarian missions around the world." It takes prolific internationally recognized streets artists and asked them to modify an oppressive weapon. Gallery5 will be hosting the exhibition in April that will expand its reach around the city through exhbitions and live mural painting. More info here.

Some of you might be saying "Man that is one complicated logo." It is, but the context and uses are different than your typical business. Like many street art identities, the logo functions more as an image than a logo. When reproduced small the custom designed logotype is to be used by itself. The weapons that create the anatomically incorrect skeleton are a sampling of what will be used in the exhibition. The point of departure for the stencil type was the use of stencil type by both street artists and armies. Enjoy.


Noah said...

Love it! I want a T-shirt with that icon on it!

bizhan said...

I will be producing some shirts and prints of the dove after the event. (So that I'm not competing with the project. They plan on selling prints and potentially shirts.)

I'll keep you posted.