Featured artist in "Quirk's Archives"

This month, I am the featured artist for Quirk's flat file, located in their store. During First Friday, between 6:30 to 8ish I will be signing archival prints of Richmond Monuments (from the beginning strip up to "Inside the Box") and many others. Screen-printed works are already signed.

For all you May Day folks! I have screen-printed versions of both 2010 and 2009 May Day posters available for purchase in Quirk's archives.

Quirk also has copies of my Richmond parody of Clash of the Titans that can be seen here. .... and my Good 50X70 poster, "We can heal us" ... and various t-shirt designs.

Quirk Gallery is located at 311 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23220.

Below is a sampling:

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