WRIR/Gallery5 Benefit show poster

Designed this poster (click to enlarge) for the WRIR/Gallery5 benefit, Volume II, presented by WRIR and the Commonwealth of Notions. Since colleague, fellow grad student and friend, Matt Klimas, was in 3 of these bands, I thought that I would pay homage to him with this design approach. 

Only $10 on July 14th
At Gallery5
200 W. Marshall Street
Richmond, VA 23220

5:00 pm - Milkstains
5:40 pm - Blue Rajas
6:10 pm - Dogs on Main St
7:00 pm - Snowy Owls
7:40 pm - White Laces
8:10 pm - Colloquial Orchestra
9:10 pm - Swordplay
10:00pm - Low Branches
11:00pm - Bermuda Triangles
11:40pm - Canary oh Canary

Hope to see you there!

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