Call for Photos for a Bike Poster

I am working on a minimalist-ish poster of Richmond, VA bicycles. As of now, I expect them to be displayed in a grid with the cyclists name and age under it. The final product will be 36" X 48". The poster is for an exhibition at Virginia Commonwealth University's MoB space.

MoB + Storefront operates on the principle that good design makes a healthier city where citizens participate more fully in their environment, their government and their culture.

Since 36" X 48" posters can be expensive to print ... I decided to offer up incentives for participants to donate money for my initial print costs (I hope to print more of the posters at a smaller scale).

Please email all photos to bizhan[at]mendedarrow.com You may email me your photo for the project without a donation. You will still be a part of the project. You just won't get anything, but my gratitude.

For an accurate representation, photos must be profile as pictured below.

If you send $10, I will email you a high res image of your bike at 4" X 6".

If you send $20, I will email you the high res image and mail a printed 4" X 6" post card.

If you send $30, you will get all of the above and you're awesome.

Donate Options

Below are example images of what your bike will look like.

My wife's bike with abstract emblems.

 My own bike that is covered in stickers.

My daughter's bike with abstracted streamers and gold stars etc.

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