Next four bikes for my Richmond bike poster

The next completed four bikes for my 36"X48" poster on Richmond bikes. Again, since 36" X 48" posters can be expensive to print ... so I decided to offer up incentives for participants to donate money for my initial print costs (I hope to print more of the posters at a smaller scale).

Please email all photos to bizhan[at]mendedarrow.com You may email me your photo for the project without a donation. You will still be a part of the project. You just won't get anything, but my gratitude.

For an accurate representation, photos must be profile as pictured below.

If you send $10, I will email you a high res image of your bike at 4" X 6".

If you send $20, I will email you the high res image and mail a printed 4" X 6" post card.

If you send $30, you will get all of the above and you're awesome.

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