Comic Hangout: "How Did You Do That?"

I will be one of several speakers for this inside look at the process of making webcomics. 

Join +Little Fish Studio as we take a closer look at the process that five different digital comic creators go through to create their web comics. This hangout will feature sections of time where we will look at some radically different approaches to digital comic creation.

Hosted by +Patrick Yurick co-creator of http://american.booom.us and +Little Fish Studio 

Guest Panelists include:

+Mark Luetke of http://2816monument.com/
+Crystal Rollins of http://aspect.waywardstudios.net/
+Scott King  of http://www.holiday-wars.com/
+Emily Gillis of http://www.waywardstudios.net
+Bizhan Khodabandeh of http://www.richmondmonuments.com/

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