How'd you do that? supplemental materials

This post is intended to compliment my lecture for the Google hangout How'd you do that? It includes a few links of good resources to compliment some of the suggestions that I made for artists to exercise their skills such as: doing a drawing a day, figure drawing, drawing from life, always carrying a sketchbook, etc.

Gesture Drawing
Figure & Gesture Drawing (free)
Online Life Drawing (paid)

Story Cubes for developing writing skills.

The below series of images is an exercise that I developed intended to help people begin to strengthen the recognition of visual similarities between dissimilar objects/concepts and to synthesizes the objects/concepts based on the their commonality. The ideal result of this would be to effortlessly perform the same task to create new insight or develop visual metaphors.

Other examples of the results from the same process.

What kind of thinking this approach leads to.

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