V for Vendetta fan art piece

Below is a fan art piece of “V for Vendetta.” I’ve always wanted to do an illustration of V. This image is not endorsed by DC Comics or Vertigo. It’s just some fan art. Above is also a detail of the original ink drawing. 
V for Vendetta is a trademark of DC Comics Inc., DC Entertainment Inc.

I attempted this as a test to see if I would enjoy illustrating someone else’s character because I plan on opening myself up to commissions. It was super fun.

If anyone is interested, you can direct inquiries to bizhan@mendedarrow.com. More work can be found at http://www.mendedarrow.com
On a side note, I’ve always wondered if V’s character makes reference to the Anarchist, Johann Most and Eve to Emma Goldman.

Johann Most had scars he hid with facial hair similar to V’s hiding of their burns with a mask. Johann Most introduced Anarchism to Emma Goldman - like what V did for Eve.

When in a fake prison, Eve mentions that the name “Emma” is scrawled on the cot. Since that piece of information seemed out of place, I’ve been convinced it’s a little nugget that’s part of an indirect reference to these two Anarchists. 

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