Asia Next poster exhibition.

This project will be traveling as part of the Asia Next experimental poster exhibition seen in Yu Cun Gallery of Suzhou, China and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Kaohsiung Design Gallery in Taiwan and Iang Gallery of Seoul, Korea.

On the poster, I type set negative experiences with police officers told by various participants of this project. Participants found the opportunity to contribute through flyers posted throughout the city of Richmond, VA. The blocks of type are set within the shape of Richmond city blocks from an aerial view. The pathway of these narratives are set according multiple trips on my bicycle from one side of the city to the other - the reason for right to left reading. Positive stories by participants were emailed to those who provided negative experiences.

This system of content distribution was based on the human kidney system. Negative stories were printed (or expelled). Positive stories were recycled back into the system. This concept was then combined with my personal cycling practices. The idea was to break out of conventional methods of organizing content to perhaps lead to new approaches of organizing information in the future. The type was allowed to fill the blocks with no considerations or adjustments for typical typographic problems such as: widows, orphans, rags, hyphens, etc.

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