Glitch Gallery Exhibition

I will be one of many talented artists showing for an annual group show at Glitch Gallery (3313A Cary St, Richmond, VA 23321) on February 13th, 8:00pm.

The current list includes:
Josh George
Jeremy Wilson
Chris Visions
Mickael Broth
Kelly Alder
Catherine Brooks
James Callahan
Bizhan Khodabandeh
Jared Karnes
Noah Scalin (
Sterling Hundley
Erin Chance
Neil Iwan
Daniel Robbins
Al Lukehart
Cathryn Virginia
Melissa Duffy
Abigail Larson
Sishir Bommakanti
Chuck Scalin
Ross Trimmer

Below is an sneak peak by Kelly Alder of what's at the show.

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