Gabriel Prosser strikes back! (revisited)

One of the activists, whom helped establish the Gabriel Prosser marker in Richmond, mentioned that the illustration might be a more powerful image if I replaced the soldiers with slave owners and militia men. Since these changes would not be difficult, I made them, but kept the gray and blue to function as a foreshadowing of events. Even though the slave owner/militia zombies and Gabriel's ghost could hypothetically exist anytime from their respective deaths to the present.

Reflection on the new version:

I enjoy the way the added whip breaks up the space, however, I am a little upset about the lack of iconic hats to effectively present the time period. I also decided to keep the bayonets because research revealed to me that they were commonly used to torture slaves.

Anyways, I would like to pose the questions: Stay with the original (left)? Or the new version (right)?

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