Inspiration, cool stuff, etc #20

Nuru put together three in house videos dealing with social advertising.

The End (Jake's Story) from Nuru International on Vimeo.
Nuru founder and CEO Jake Harriman attended the U.S. Naval Academy and served over 7 years in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Platoon Commander and a Special Operations Platoon Commander for an elite unit called Force Recon. During his career, Jake assisted in numerous humanitarian and disaster relief operations in the developing world resulting in what he feels is the best way to combat terrorism; to combat poverty.

Diario De Oaxaca by Peter Kuper
"Painting a vivid, personal portrait of social and political upheaval in Oaxaca, Mexico, this unique memoir employs comics, bilingual essays, photos, and sketches to chronicle the events that unfolded around a teachers' strike and led to a seven-month siege."

Liu BolinChinese artist whom camouflages himself into the urban landscape and documents it

The Great American Hackathon- an event hosted by Sunlight LABS (teamed up with Mozilla, Google, Redhat and Fedora) encouraging government transparency by developing open source government tools

Data visualization of a "choose your own adventure book"
by Christian Swinehart

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