Inspiration, Art, Etc #19

So I havent been posting for a little while because I have been inking "The Little Black Fish" comic and slowly loosing my ability to use my hands. Enjoy.

Iranian rapper P.Cantell feat. Ian Hooper performs, A Million Shadows (Tehran, Iran), in response to the Iranian election protests.

Start Asking-Ryan Fitzgibbon's solution to the final challenge of Command X: Season 2, a statement about civil rights.

Sustainability Six designers around the world comment on sustainability.

Dieter Rams-10 Design principles.

The Reitveld Academie Blog has been exhibiting an interesing series of reviews on book design via casual walks through the library almost like the Situationist's Derive.

Ways to improve the design of your blog. Kind of remedial, but good suggestions all the same.

Hand cut maps by Karen O'Leary-wow. Just wow.

Anti-smoking campaign with art direction by Shaun Velka, executive creative direction/photography by Sharad Haksar and creative cirection by Anantha Narayan

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