Introductory workshop on flyer design

Bizhan Khodabandeh is representing There Once Was A Rebellion (T.O.W.A.R.) by hosting a flyer design workshop as part of a workshop series in conjunction with Richmond's second annual May Day Parade. The workshops will be held today and tomorrow.

I encourage people to participate in as many workshops as they want. Participants are not required to participate in the parade to attend the workshops. More info about the rest of workshops and the May Day Parade is available here.

Info about our workshop
Title: Introduction To DIY Flyer Design
Description: The first job of flyer design is to retain an audience’s attention. It is arguable that the average person spends 11 seconds deciding whether or not they want to ignore a flyer – when in passing. There are several design tools available to aid one in acquiring the attention of your audience. This workshop will go over several of these rules and provide a mini exercise to practice composition.

This workshop assumes that people have access to a word processor, a printer or copier, a pair of scissors or exacto knife, paper and glue. Materials will be provided.

Facilitator: Bizhan Khodabandeh

Short bio: Bizhan Khodabandeh is a visual communicator who moves freely across the professional boundaries as a designer, illustrator, artist and activist. His works vary from small graphic art projects to major public campaigns such as the internationally recognized, “I Dream of a Richmond . . .” project. Khodabandeh is particularly fascinated by how art and design can be a catalyst for social change.

Website: www.thereoncewasarebellion.org

Suggested Material for Reading:
“DIY Design” by Ellen Lupton, “Typographic Design” by Rob Carter, Philip Meggs and Ben Day, Type and Image by Philip Meggs

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