Repressed V: Free To Speak, Exhibition Opening!

I co-curate this annual socially conscious art exhibition. More info below.

Poster design by Bizhan Khodabandeh

7PM First Friday, May 7th
Opening Reception and Art Exhibition

At Gallery5

200 W. Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23220

Perfomances By
(During the Opening)
New Rock Church of Fire
Drunk Tigers
DJ Whitine

Exhibition Closes
Friday, May 28th


What makes statement driven art so emotionally powerful? It being witness to a piece of work that creates a bond between you, the viewer and the creator of the piece. A bond that can change the direction of thought and purpose. A successfully executed statement driven piece can be the catalyst that inspires the average person into an active agent for change. Art exists in societies to create shared dialogues and experiences. No matter the medium, art and artists can be the spark to establishing a commonality, to allow us to empathize with each other and encourage altruistic pursuits for the greater good.

Artists In Our
Main Gallery

Heidi Blackwood
Kit Boyce
Daniel Clarke
Chris Crisis
Assil Diab
Nathan Haenlein
Matthew Hawthorne
Meta Newhouse
Elizabeth Peters
Jameson Price
Katherine Pryor
Katie Rusch
Joe Scorsone
Pravin Sevak
Margot Splane
Cody Whitby

Artists In The
Lucent Phoenix

(Our Resource Center)
Karolina Bassi
Sean P. Castor
William L. Coleman
Marleigh A. Culver
Bekky Diniega
Anna M. George
Christine E. Gilboy
Tammy Huang
Rachel Kim
Evan M. Leggett
Corinne A. Murphy
Sarah K. Nelowet
Hunter Nye
Stewart A. Penson
Sarah E. Sheehan
James M. Steentofte
Zenzile X. Sky Lark

In GallowLilys
by Lova Revolutionary
the art & craft
of Jodie Haffa

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