Progress On My Students' Imaging II Assignment

Below are photos of screen-printed posters by some of my students. I took the photos on my iPhone. I might post more in the future. All posters will be exhibited at Gallery5 this coming First Friday as part of Repressed V: Free To Speak.

Not all of the students are screen-printing. Some have decided to utilized stenciling as a method of reproduction.

The assignment was to essentially pick a topic you feel as though is important to educate people about and then realize it using hand executed printing techniques - of course it is more complex than that.

Each image has the name and topic written below. As always, click to enlarge.

Rachel Kim - Decline Of The Tiger Population

Rachel used a connect-the-dots pattern to encourage audience participation in realizing the illustration of the tiger and metaphorically bringing it back into our visual landscape.

Zenzile SkyLark - Decline Of The Red Panda Population

Zenzile utilized the WWF logo to reinforce the idea that the "Red Panda" is being overshadowed by the Giant Panda even though it is in greater risk of extinction.

Tammy Huang - Animal Testing For Tear Free Shampoo

Tammy uses the popular cliche "See No Evil" once she realized a relationship between the cliche and the abusive use of primates to test tear free shampoos.

Evan Legget - Copyright Infringement In The Digital Age

Even utilizes the visual language of digital media: the three colors that make up light on a computer screen and binary code. The copyright logo begins to depreciate in value as each offset color is printed. The result is both ironic in it's reproduction as well as poignant in it's commentary.

Hunter Nye - Death Penalty

Hunter juxtaposes a grade school chair with the electric chair. Notice the apple, book and writing implement on the desk. The text allows for multiple interpretations. Is it about funding? Is it about prevention? Perhaps both?

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