Last Pig Mammoth Ilustrations

These are the last of the "Uh, Oh Here Come The Pig Mammoths" illustrations. The project is just about wrapped up. I'll post photos of the final album and shirt. I revisited the Pig Mammoth theme song illustration. For those of you who are just tuning in...

The project is for an album by Todd Matthews. I am did an illustration for each song. The three you see are of an escape on flying stand up basses, the first entrance of the Pig Mammoths and the main character waking up from a dream. The music corresponds tells a story about Todd's brother, Chad, falling asleep to awake in a reptilian world only to see Todd kidnapped by the "Pig Mammoths." The Pig Mammoths are evil creatures who hoard instruments. The rest of the story/album describes Chad's adventures in search of his brother through a new world with several interesting and horrifying creatures.

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